Assembly of the supporting steel structures for Tatra Metalurgie

In Kopřivnice, we are continuing to assemble the steel support structure with a total weight of almost 200 tons.

The GREENING PROJECT FOUNDRY of the TATRA METALURGIE a.s. in Kopřivnice continues with the assembly of a load-bearing steel structure with a total weight of almost 200 tons. Two cylindrical containers of cooled sand, each with a capacity of 500 m3, will be placed on this structure. The individual parts of the containers themselves are being assembled on the pre-assembly area near the site and will be placed by crane on the structure up to 25 meters above the existing roof of the molding hall. As the construction work is completed, the assembly of the equipment will increase and we will be happy to share further developments with you at a future date.

12. 8. 2022 Interest

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