KOFING a.s. is a company that undertakes projects in the form of general contracting in the metallurgical, foundry, engineering, energy and chemical industries, as well as general turnkey projects and equipment deliveries, and it carries out production, assembly and installation.





4 851

Production areas

1 082 tons

Installed technology in 2022

Our strategy

KOFING’s strategy is to systematically increase the quality of the work we do, while complying with all legal regulations for environmental protection and occupational health and safety, and also to ensure that the requirements of our customers are impeccably fulfilled with high emphasis on the quality of the services we provide. This, together with building a professional working environment for our employees, has resulted in the steady growth of the company’s overall performance.

Our vision and mission

To ensure that we meet the requirements and quality of the projects we undertake for our customers and ensure the steady growth of the company by systematically improving the quality of the work we carry out, while at the same time complying with all regulations regarding environmental protection and occupational health and safety. We strive to be a supplier of all types of technological projects, from production and installation to maintenance.

Our history

Our history

Establishment of KOFING engineering v.o.s

Establishment of the company with its core business in trade and services under the trade name KOFING engineering v.o.s and registered office in Ostrava, the company name itself was formed by combining the letters of its founders “KO”llár & “FI”lipec engineeri “NG”.


Start of production

The company’s facilities and plants cover an area from Ostrava to Vratimov and Lískovec u Frýdku-Místku and focus on the manufacture of steel structures, one of the basic products of the company at this time. One of the interesting features of the company was the production of plastic tanks for swimming pool systems.



Conversion to a joint-stock company under the trade name KOFING, a.s.


Centralization of the company’s activities

Relocation of the administrative and production facilities to the new headquarters in Paskov in order to group the company’s individual operations together. The administrative part of the buildings adjacent to the production halls was subsequently reconstructed.


Integration into the PROMET GROUP

In 2010, the acquisition of KOFING a.s. was successfully completed, thus joining it to the engineering production companies already under the direction of the new owner, the PROMET GROUP. The new owner started reviewing and coordinating all processes in relation to the holding group and at the same time prepared investments to support the development of its business activities.

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